Writes a start tag with no attributes.

This is equivalent to calling openStartTag immediately followed by closeStartTag.

It is an error to call writeStartTag after the end tag for the root element has been written.

  1. void writeStartTag(string name, EmptyTag emptyTag, Newline newline)
  2. void writeStartTag(string name, Newline newline, EmptyTag emptyTag)
    struct XMLWriter(OR)
    if (
    isOutputRange!(OR, char)


name string

The name of the start tag.

emptyTag EmptyTag

Whether the start tag will be empty (i.e. terminated with "/>" so that there is no corresponding end tag).

newline Newline

Whether a _newline followed by an indent will be written to the output range before the start tag.


XMLWritingException if the given _name is not a valid XML tag _name.

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